Dr. G!

Meet my latest obsession...Dr. G aka Dr. Jan Garvaglia, the Chief Medical Examiner for Orange County, Florida.

You can read her bio here...http://health.discovery.com/fansites/drg/bio/bio.html

I watch her show religously on Discovery Health channel. In fact a new episode is on tonight at 9 pm est. Yesterday was an entire day of Dr. G. So while the hubby was watching football I was watching autopsies. LOL! I told him I missed my calling. I think I was meant to work with dead people. :O I mean I am currently addicted to The First 48 a homicide show and Dr. G. a show about a medical examiner.
I have always been a murder mystery/true crime buff so I guess it's not really a surprise that I like these shows.

I have also been following the case of poor little Caylee Anthony from Orlando, Florida. She's the 3 yr old girl who went missing and they think her mother killed her. So, when they found the body and I saw Dr. G. at the crime scene it was like reality tv met real life. I was in awe.

So, if you've got nothing to do and you like true crime and mysteries check Dr. G out. She's pretty cool.

And, she has a new book out... http://www.hownottodie.com/ Would be it odd to ask for this instead of chocolates? LOL!!!


Jennifer said…
It's never too late to go back to school. :)
Cheryl said…
lol Jennifer! Looks very interesting! I am so intrigued by stuff like that.
Yankee said…
Sounds like my kind of stuff.
g said…
I always liked reading the Patricia Cornwell novels about Kay Scarpetta - that is, until they got to be a little too over the top. It's a fascinating field.

I like murder mysteries and tru crime, too. I've be re-reading some L.A. Noir, Raymond Chandler and Ross MacDonald.
LesleMora said…
I've seen a few episodes and really enjoyed them (if that's not too weird to say).

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