Friday Five

What makes you feel old? Everytime I hear a song from Nirvana, it reminds me of law school and the early 90's and then I think man that was a long time ago (even tho it feels like yesterday) and then I think boy I'm an old lady.

What makes you feel young? Shopping for clothes. I still can wear the latest styles without looking ridiculous. LOL!

What was better when you were allowed to do it the old way? Stew would say listening to records. In this age of digital music and ipods, he would still rather listen to an album. Me, I'm not so sure I have an answer. I really embrace all the new technology, etc.

What’s better now that you do it the new way? TV. I have satellite tv and can watch baseball games from all over the country. Fun stuff!

What’s something you are old school about? Writing letters and sending cards. I could easily just e mail but I'd rather send a handwritten note.


happymamaof3 said…
i hear you about the "old " and "young business" , my gals think a cassette tape is an ancient artifact! i too prefer handwritten notes!
Karen said…
I felt old today at school when a 25 year old teacher did not know who Ricky Shroeder was. :(

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