Opening Day!

I LOVE baseball! I could watch it every day. I barely make it thru the long winter without it and I yearn for the day when pitchers and catchers report to spring training. As a Mom, I am using my influence over my kiddos in hopes of making them love it as much as I do.

Yesterday was the day we picked up our team shirts and hats. Dylan is on the Royals again. At least it's not the Red Sox. And Natty is officially the Cubs but her uni is just the name of our town. She was a little disappointed. Actually, I was too.

Don't they look so CUTE!?!?


Suzelle said…
ADORABLE !!!!!!!!
ec said…
that's so cute!!

when i was little my brother's always had company names (sponsors) for their teams - never MLB teams. that's really cute how they do that!
Kristi Mangan said…
awww... GORGEOUS pics Mo and yay for opening day of baseball!!!
Reen said…
Yay! Happy Baseball Season!!

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