Game Day

Today was the first game of the baseball and softball season! And what a day we had. The weather was gorgeous. 65 and sunny.

With Stew gone, I had a bit of juggling to do to get everyone to their games. I was hopping from one field to another but, I did manage to see Dylan and Natalie each get a turn at bat. And they both came around to score.

I took a few photos during the game. But, I was so rushed and preoccupied that I didn't really get any spectacular shots. Oh well, there are many more games to go.

I did manage to get a couple good ones before we left for the game tho.


Reen said…
Those pictures you took turned out adorable!!! They are so cute in their team uniforms. I coulda talked to ya for another hour if it wasn't for Zak's game! He got some hits today, no tee! Baseball is so fun!
Susan said…
So cute Mo!
Not sure how you did it running back and forth, glad you got to see some of each game
Suzelle said…
So sweet Mo !!!!!

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