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Ok. So, this week was the first time I actually watched an episode. I am in a lipgloss pool where each person was randomly assigned an idol. I had Ace. Week after week I had to hear how awful he was and how he should get booted off, blah, blah, blah.

I got lipgloss riding on this dude! So, my friend Linds told me that he could still win and to watch it. So, I did. And while he was not the best , he certainly wasn't the worst. I thought for sure I was safe and would move on to next week.

Well, I guess I should not have counted my lipgloss, er I mean chickens, before they hatched. LOL! Ace got booted off!?

I'm sorry but the fact that Kellie stayed over Ace is A*B*S*U*R*D!!!! Who in their right mind would vote for her after that performance (if you can even call it that)!?

So, I guess after my one and only episode, my idol watching days are over. Boo hoo. :(


Reen said…
Mo! Sorry about Ace. Don't stop watching now! The season is just getting entertaining! It's fun to see who gets into the finals. Hang in there girl!
Suzelle said…
Keep watching Mo !!!!! it is so fun and exciting....even though you'll have dry lips....LOL !!!!!
pr31wb said…
So no lip gloss? That's the real tragedy. ;) -steph
Kristi Mangan said…
I'm sorry your man got voted off Mo! I hope you keep watching though, it's fun! Bummer about the lipgloss!
Susan said…
Im sorry you lost your lip gloss:-)
I feel your pain. My "Idol" was chicken little. I didn't have a chance at winning lip gloss

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