Feel Good Friday

I've been so blue lately that I need to focus on the good stuff. So, here goes....

-we are cutting down our tree tomorrow at a local place
-going out to dinner to celebrate my Mom's birthday
-i have off today
-i feel like i've lost some weight....my clothes look and feel better on
-my christmas card photo is done
-i got another big reorder from school photos
-i am almost caught up on laundry...almost
-gingerbread latte's from Starbucks....yum-o!
-my christmas shopping is done!!!!!!



Suzelle said…
Now this is the Ramona we all know and LOVE !!!!!!!!!! GO GIRL !!!!!!!
Reen said…
I'm feeling good already! Have fun getting your tree today! Our family is going out to get one today too, so I guess we'll be decorating together Mo! :)

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