Sunset Sledding

So, what do you do when it snows and you get home from school at almost 4 pm? Why you go sunset sledding of course. :) Right now the little boogers are enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and watching SpongeBob. Life is good!

LOVE this shot with the sun setting in the background....

A total posed shot....


Reen said…
Love the pictures, how pretty the sunset! Don't you love those little batman gloves? They are so boyish and sweet! I hope they never outgrow them :) Please send the poser to Cali for a week! She's a jewel!

Georgina said…
Aww they look like they are having fun! And the hot chocolate sounds divine!
Jennifer said…
How fun! Of course, I don't like the cold or the snow but I can apprciate the cute pictures. :)

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