Maybe, Just Maybe...

things will start to settle down soon. It's been a whirlwind of yuckiness, for lack of a better word, around here lately.

First we had a family crisis. A major catastrophie was averted but we are left to deal with the aftermath. :(

Secondly, my fridge broke the day before Thanksgiving!!! I did *not* need or want to buy a new one now!!!!!!!!! Luckily, my local place gave me a great deal, free delivery and no interest or payments til next year! :) I got a sweet stainless steel, bottom freezer, french door one. But, then it was too tall for my space! Only me, folks...only me. But, Stew found a nice little carpenter and $100.00 later my fridge is tucked away nicely under my cabinets.

Then, my hubby did not get what he wanted from his firm. So, we have a major decision to make......:O

And, with the ever increasing price of gas, I was forced to downsize my beloved Pilot and get a Honda CRV. I do love it tho. I zip around like I own the town. LOL! I got it in the lovely Glacier Metallic Blue (see above)....SWEET!

I am so behind on my handmade goodness for Christmas it ain't even funny but I am off Thursday so I'm calling in a me day. :)

And, And, I woke up to snow!!!!!! Ugly, cold, wet snow!!!!!!! I just hope we get the freezing rain so we can get a play day. ;)

So, how are you doing?


Leslie said…
sounds like you could use some major hugs Mo! hope it's getting better for you.
Susan said…
what a full plate November dealt you Ramona.When it rains, it really does pour. Im hoping December brings calm and good things to your family.
Reen said…
Your car is so pretty!!! here's hoping Dec. and the New Year is Merry and Bright and all good things come your way!!

Suzelle said…
You need some cheer Mo :)
Maegan said…
We want a pilot that seats 8 eventually. love the new vehicle.
Jennifer said…
I totally want a CRV!!!!! So glad you love it.

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