I've been avoiding you...

because as Randy Jackson likes to say...I blew my budget out the box. After going strong for the first two weeks of May, I needed 4 new tires for my car and our grill stopped working both in a matter of 2 days. I am not going to scare you with the cost and quite frankly I don't want to relive it. It's in the past. ;)

Then onto more bad news. I am a victim of the economy. I do not have a class for next year. There was talk of adding me as an extra to another classroom but that doesn't even seem likely at this point. The enrollment at school is so bad that I wasn't even needed for mini camp. Woe is me.

But, I am working on some things for the fall. Wish me luck!

And, in the meantime, I am getting busy on some redecorating projects. I need to focus on some positive things and since I will be doing them myself I will be saving some money as well.

I decided to share my projects with you because I feel like you hold me accountable and are great motivators. :)

To Do List:

-remove wallpaper from kitchen & paint it
-remove border from mudroom and repaint it
-remove border from kids' bathroom and paint it
*Starting to see a trend here?
-Spray paint my lovely faded green lawn chairs and table I bought espresso spray paint just for plastic. This will be my first project. I figure start with an easy one so I can finish it and don't get discouraged.
-repaint Natty's room. She is tired of the pink and to be honest so am I.
-Add some little touches to rooms that remain "unfinished"

My first order of business is my living room. It is completley furnished but there is nothing on the walls. I saw an idea online where they had a mirror above the couch and then it was flanked on both sides by framed photos. I fell in love with a sunburst mirror at Ballards but at $279.00 it was a bit more than I wanted to spend. So, after some searching online, I found this gem...

At $69.99 it is a steal.

I cannot wait to get it. :)


Maegan said…
See, you're still saving money!!
Reen said…
You will not be at a loss for what to do next. Holding you accountable and not letting you sit around and sulk over something that was really meant to be. It all happens for a reason.

Onto greener pastures my friend. Keep your chin up and sunshine on your nose.
Love you,
Jill said…
Love that mirror! Can't wait to see your finished products! I have a list too...we need to try to motivate each other this summer! You'll save so much $$$ doing these projects yourself (not to mention the self satisfaction of accomplishing them yourself) Wish we lived closer, we could have work parties together :)
Suzelle said…
Go Mo !!!!!!!!
Karen said…
YAY!!! Glad to see you back at it. Sorry about your class next year but I know bigger and better things are waiting for you. can't wait to see all of your projects this summer. :)
Susan said…
I always say that saving money is just the same as making it.
So onward with the projects, my dear!!!!
Love that mirror too. So fun!
April said…
Awww mo! i've missed you! i was starting to get worried. i have my blog blues now and then too (there's probably some technical illness for us! LOL) You are too hard on yourself.

I'm sorry about work but I've come to find that necessity is truly the mother of invention. Amazing what you can do when your pushed. Besides I can give a 1st account of when you have more money you just spend more. i don't know why but it's true. i swear we have more income now that i am not working!

I can't wait to see all the awesome projects i know you will come up with b/c you always do! i love that starburst mirror! i just bought a mirror yesterday! i found similar to what you are getting but it wasn't going to fit. and i have the same orphaned walls in my living room! i swear we are living duplicate lives in some transverse universe and blogger is where we intercede! HA!
Jennifer said…
I think you have some great projects in store for the summer. I love that mirror... what a find! Don't worry about your job. There is DEFINITELY something better on the horizon for you.

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