Baseball season is over. Dylan's team lost their playoff game last night 6-5 and were eliminated. It was an exciting season and I am sad to see it end.

Dylan mostly played left field where we watched him grow. By the end of the season he was catching balls like a pro. :)

At the end of the season, every boy gets a trophy. Here's my little man with his.

Even though the season is over, there will still be plenty of baseball for us. Dylan will be attending summer baseball camp and has opted to play in the fall instead of soccer.

Thanks to Coach Dom for a great season!


Suzelle said…
Way to go Dylan :)
Karen said…
Awww, sounds like he had a great season!!
Susan said…
great job Dylan. Left field means you have a great throwing arm!
Jennifer said…
Wow. He is looking so grown up out there. I am glad he had a good season and that he is anxious to play again!

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