My Little Artiste

Natalie loves to paint and draw and write poetry and short stories. So, when canvases go on sale at the craft store, I always stock up. That way, when we have an afternoon with little homework and no sports to go to we can spend it creating.

Here she is a couple of weeks ago painting a beach scene. Ahhhhhh. :)

Voila! The finished product...well almost. She wants me to sketch a palm tree on it and then she will paint it in. Wish me luck!


Suzelle said…
Quite the artist..cute little Natty is !!!!

Man, she looks like Dylan in that last picture :)
Jennifer said…
She is her mother's daughter! Cute pictures and awesome job on the painting. I de believe she is already a better artist than me. :)
Leslie Herbert said…
Tell Natty she is very talented!
Her hair is getting so long and she is a gorgeous girl!
Karen said…
that would look fabulous in my bedroom!!! What a talented girl you've got there. Tell her I love it!!
Tracy said…
Susan said…
cute and so creative :)
Charisse said…
beautiful Natalie!

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