Yarn Bowls

Last week we had off from school and since I was recovering from surgery there was not much I could do physically with the kids. So, I started searching for ideas and came across this idea for making yarn bowls from A Friend To Knit With. The original idea is from Rosie O'Donnell's book Crafty U.

If you are anything like me, you have tons of leftover yarn from knitting projects that you just hate to throw away. This is a great project to help get rid of some of your stash. We always have white Elmers glue in the house. The only thing we had to go out for was balloons. We hit the dollar store for those. :)

I used throw away tins for this project which is quite messy. So, make sure you cover your work surface and keep a wet rag to clean your hands in case you need to cut more yarn like I did.

First you need to blow up balloons and put them into bowls smooth side up. The bottom side will turn out to be the opening of your bowl. :)

Then you need to cut strips of yarn in about 6 - 8 inches pieces. Pour some glue in your tins and put the yarn right into the tins making sure to cover your yarn with the glue. Then just put your yarn directly onto your blown up balloons.

The WIP shots...

Dylan working on his yarn bowl.

Mine almost complete.

Natty working on hers.

Drying Time. They needed about 24 hours to completely dry. Natty did the honors of popping all the balloons. ;)

Voila! Our finished bowls. Natty already put some of her favorite things in hers. Dylan is going to give his to my Mom for Mother's Day. I told him we need to fill it with something Grandma likes. :) Me, I have no idea what I am going to do with mine. Maybe I'll use it for the guest room and throw some soaps in there. :)


Tracy said…
What fun!! Nice Results there too!!
Maegan said…
You're such a good moM! I hope you're ok, why surgery? WIsh you lived close by so I could drop off a meal! Oh, and sb together, and shop together, and chat on the phone everyday! hehehe.
Suzelle said…
How CUTE are these !!!!
Deanna said…
wow, Mo! you just gave me a fantastic idea for our next craft day (kids)

I don't know the specifics of your surgery, but I hope all is well and that you are healing nicely.

Amberley said…
i made these with B yesterday after seeing this on your blog. it was fun. we did ours in easter colours and are going to give one to her babysitter with some easter treats in it! thanks for the idea!
Jennifer said…
You do such awesome stuff with your kids. Please don't tell mine... they might expect the same!
April said…
oooh the possibilities this inspires. love it! i bet that would be cute with some kind of raffia or jute? very na-tu-ral.

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