Bead Retreat

This year instead of the traditional mother/daughter brunch, Natalie's Girl Scout troop decided to mix it up. We had brunch and a beading party instead. The leader hosted the event at her house and we all brought food and drink. We had a fabulous time eating and beading. :)

Natty Patty modeling hers. So pretty. :)

Here is the bracelet I made. It is called Beach Party. Perfect! :)


Yankee said…
Very pretty. Wear it to CT so that we can check it out.
Suzelle said…
Very sweet :)
Susan said…
so cute!
Tracy said…
What a fun activity with your DD. :o)
Jennifer said…
That is so pretty.
You know I love these!!!! and hey - I tagged you.
Denise Gormish said…
Beautiful! I have some of those beads and love the look of them.
Jill said…
What a fun idea. You girls did an awesome job! Beach Party...what a suitable bracelet for you!

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