Friday, February 27, 2009

New Knobs!

These are the new knobs I picked out for the cabinets. I like them.

We are also getting new hinges but we have to special order those online so for now all I have to show are the knobs.

Elizabeth asked for some tips on the project so I'll share what Stew is doing. He got all his info and supplies at The Home Depot. :)

First he removes the doors and degreases them with a product called TSP. Here's a photo:

Then when they dry, he sands them with a sanding block affixed with fine grit sand paper, dusts them off, primes and paints. Add new hardware and voila virtually new cabinets. Really not a difficult task just time consuming because of all the steps and the amount of cabinets.

We narrowed down the paint color to 2 Ralph Lauren shades from HD...



What do you think?


Suzelle said...

How FUN Mo !!!!!

As far as color...I LOVE yellow in a kitchen, so my pick is Goldfinch :)

Patti H said...

very nice!!

Susan said...

both colors are beautiful and I love your new knobs. Great job

Tracy said...

Goldfinch!!...I like the butter yellow quality of it...(the other is a tad 'orangy')...based on what you described the surrounding rooms to be. :o)

david said...

omygosh, I cannot pick a color, they're both so nice! Love the knobs and the bracelets. I love that idea for Keepers group. maegan

Jennifer said...

Your knobs look amazing as do your cabinets. I vote for goldfinch... its a little less peachy.

Charisse said...

I pick Goldfinch!

Jill said...

Your cabinets look beautiful! Isn't it amazing how something like that can transform a room? We did that 18 years ago when we first bought our current house....big project but so worth it. I vote for Goldfinch, but I'd go with whatever color looks best against your adjoining rooms. Both colors are beautiful. Nice Job!