Friday Five

1. What type of food do you most like to eat? Pasta
2. What type of food do you most like to cook? Chicken
3. What ingredient could you not live without? Garlic
4. What do you never let in your kitchen? My husband ;)
5. What is your favorite drink? Unsweetened Iced Tea.

Now, it's your turn. :)


Suzelle said…
1. ANY carb :)
2. salads
3. olive oil
4. Love your answer Mo....hard to top that :)
5. Diet Pepsi...fountain ONLY !!!!! Also...pass the Chardonnay or marg :)
beverly said…
like to eat lightly floured/seasoned pan grilled fish/seafood.

I like to cook pasta dishes.

Tony's and olive oil.

My kitchen might as well have the Statue of Liberty in it...well, a mini version. Everyone/thing is welcome.

AM drink is Java-joe. Rest of the day I drink Teavana tea, either hot or cold. Or water. Is BEER a choice??? LOL

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