Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I know I know I never said I would buy these for my kiddos let alone wear them myself. BUT, these are AWESOME!

Atlanta Braves croc flip flops!!! I think I just flipped my lid because I am going to plunk down 35 buckaroos for these babies...no doubt. :)


Reen said...

I'm going to zip my lips right now as I'm not a fan of anything Crocish. but you do whatever makes you happy cuz I know anything can look dreamy with a little beach sand underneath them! :)

Denise Gormish said...

You are a true Braves fan, no doubt!

Suzelle said...

That is serious team commitment :) They are actually very cute :)

Susan said...

Im with you, but I bought those last year...not the Atlanta braves version, but the same style only in baby blue with brown,and I'll tell you what- they are the most comfortable walking flip flop I have ever worn. I can walk in them all day. Love them.
I say if your a fan, you will stop at nothing - well, besides painting your face maybe :)