We're Going to Disney!!!!!!!!


And, we're staying at a palace. LOL! http://www.buenavistapalace.com/disney_world/kids_page.cfm

But first we are spending a few days in Miami. Ahhhhhh...I cannot wait!!!!!

I have a few new restaurants I want to try. I'll get to see Kristi and Stephanie. Eeeee!

And, maybe, just maybe, I'll get to finally meet Karen since she is only an hour away from Orlando.

Oh, I'm shopping for a tiny digi camera to take with me to Disney. Got any suggestions for me? I'd really appreciate it.



Reen said…
Yay!! congrats on making your plans to Disney! I hope you have a really fun time and enjoy your visit with the girls too!

The "power shot" line is rated among the best for small digi cameras.

Have fun!
Oh, how fun!!!!! I hope you get to meet up with Karen!
Suz said…

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