Maple Sugar

Today Natty's Brownie Troop learned how to make maple syrup at Westmoreland Sanctuary. They got to see the process starting from tree tapping to cooking it up.

They got to taste real sap from a Maple tree. To quote one little girl..."that was the most disgusting thing ever!" LOL!!!!

They even had a blind taste taste where they had to choose which one was real maple syrup and which one was the imitation kind you buy at the grocery sore. Which I learned was actually made out of corn syrup. I gotta start reading my labels more carefully, I guess we'll be using Vermont Pure Maple Syrup as soon as I'm done with my bottle of Aunt Jemima. LOL!!!!!!

FUN stuff. I got some seriously CUTE pictures too. My favorite one isn't even about the event. It's of one of the Brownie's little sister....Sweet Lily up top. Look at that face!?!?! :)


Suzelle said…
So FUN !!!!! What a COOL outing !!!That top pic is priceless !!!!

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