Little Digi Cameras

I'm in the market for a slim compact but good digi camera to take with me to Disney and other attractions. My Digi SLR is just to much for those types of trips. I took it to Seaworld and it was a pain in the bum. I had to lock it up before every water ride. I'm not doing that at Disney. No way.

So, I've been asking around and doing some reasearch. Then I came across this article. Thought it might be helpful to some of you.

I'm really likin' that red one. HeeHee! :D


Jessica said…
the red one is uber cute... i'm all about the red!! i have the cannon digi elph -;_ylt=AiAinLa8.7k3hU.XbXVKJOswLZA5

would totally recommend it. and they have a waterproof case that you can purchase for it... waterproof to something like 80 feet. that's my next purchase for mine.. i use this one when i'm just going out and dont wanna take the rebel (it gets heavy to haul around sometimes)
Suzelle said…
LOVE the red on too :) I have the Canon power Shot elph. I LOVE it Mo. 6 megapixel, super easy to use, very small, take amazing pics !!!!! :)

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