Scrapping & Purging

I've been busy. A little too busy. So busy that I left my car running in the Mickey D's parking lot while Dylan and I ate lunch for 25 minutes!!! :O I think I'm cracking up!! LOL!!

And the fun didn't end there. The next morning I go to work with no purse. Normally that would not be a big deal but it is when you are on E from having left the car running for 25 minutes the day before!!!! :O

But, not too busy to scrap a little bit. Sweet Irene had the great idea to have an Inpiration Gallery over at DML today. So, a bunch of us created some new projects to share. Check it out. They are FUN! :)

And, I just finished clearing out Natty's room because her new carpet is coming tomorrow afternoon. Yippeeeeeee!!! She is so excited! Her solid panels are coming early next week. With just a few minor finishing touches, her room should be complete berfore we leave for FLA!!!!!!! :D

I managed to throw out 3 hefty bags of stuff from her room. I so love purging!!! It is good for the soul. The only problem is now I want to tackle another room. It's seriously contagious. LOL!

Ok. I think I need a spot of tea.



ChrissyW said…
3 bags - woo hoo - go girl!!! (oh and i havent' forgotten about the pics you sent - I just moved my scrap space downstairs - and they got lost - but surfaced in that process) - i'll get them done soon! lol
Reen said…
These layouts are awesome! I hope you keep on scrappin' some more cuz you're on a roll!!!


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