Silly Clown

My little drama queen has been attending an after school class called Rising Stars. She loves it. They sing and dance and actually had to learn a part in a play, The Little Engine that Could.

Natalie had to play the part of the fitting. She is my silly little goose. :)

We were invited to come see them perform at the last class a couple of weeks ago. It was adorable. The instructor did a fabulous job getting the kids to learn their lines and really act their parts.

And, at the end she even presented them with their own Oscars!!!! Natalie wanted to know why she got a statue of a naked man???? Oh, she kills me. ;)

I'm so grateful for these little after school programs. :)


Suz said…
naked man....that's a riot !!!!! So cute Mo :)
Karen said…
LOL at the naked man. I'd love to know what your reply was.

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