Our Tree Tradition

Every year about this time we and our really good friends, the Nemeceks, go up into the mountains and chop down our Christmas tree. We eat dinner or lunch and make a day out of it. Good times!

And, there is always a story to tell. Always a great memory made. One year Phil decided to pull his tree from behind instead of pushing it in front like the rest of the people. Well, almost all the way down the hill Dylan says to Phil..."where's your tree?" LOL!!!! Here he was bragging and boasting how brilliant he was because pulling it from behind was so easy. Sure, it was easy when you are not pulling a huge Christmas tree. LOL!!!

This year did not disappoint. Just as we were getting ready to leave the tree farm, our trees all secured on top of the cars, their car wouldn't start. After a jump start from us all was well but we couldn't stop laughing because it's always an adventure.

Good Times for sure!


Suzelle said…
Sounds WONDERFUL !! What a great tradition :)
Karen said…
What a great family photo, Mo. And such a wonderful tradition. :)

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