Last week the girl scouts went to Westmoreland Sanctuary to earn a try it badge for candlemaking. This place is great. The woman who runs the programs is so knowledgable and wonderful with the kiddos. I've seen her do a thing on maple syrup. :)

Anyhoo, the girls LOVED it. They got to choose the color candle they wanted to make and then they hand dipped wick tied on a hanger into hot wax. They were so into it and counted just like they were told. I think it took 50 dips to make a taper candle.

Natty decided to make a green one and she's going to give it to my Mom for her birthday this CUTE!


Suzelle said…
How sweet :) I wish we had something like that here...way cool !!
reen said…
She looks like she's having fun! What a sweet gift!

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