Officially a Brownie

Today, Natalie officially became a Brownie. No more Daisies. This is the big time raising, cookies, farmer's market, etc. :)

There was a bridging ceremony where the girls actually walked over a bridge. An older troop helped out. The older girls took off the Daisy tunics and put on the Brownie vests. We Moms got to pin our daughters. It was so CUTE! And, after the ceremony, was a party with brownies, of course! Fun stuff!

Congrats Natty!!!!


Kim said…
Big Congrats to Natalie!! She's a cutie!!
EC said…
congrats to Natalie!!! i can't believe how old she is - she's grown up so much just in the short time you and i have been friends. =)
Suzelle said…
Yea...congrats !!!!!!! Brownies ROCK !!!!!
Susan said…
such a big girl now!
What a sweetie.
Reen said…
Congratulations little Brownie girl, you look very pretty in your new vest!!! Love you!!
Lindsay Teague said…
yay...I remember doing the bridging! :) She's so cute mo!

JENNY B said…
yeah nattie!!! a brownie now =)
Jill Schnabel said…
Cutest little brownie EVER!

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