Feel Good Friday

Normally, I list things that I feel good about in these posts. But, today I want to talk about something else...taking the high road or going the extra mile.

There's a great quote that says:

Go the extra mile, it's alot less crowded there.

I love that quote and it really provokes me to think about how I react to certain things.

I had a situtation where I got an unpleasant message from someone. And, instead of attacking them or getting defensive, I took the high road and responded with kindness. I didn't respond right away either. I knew I was angry and any response I would have given would have been read that way. So I slept on it and I am glad I did. I am so glad I reacted the way I did.

I am learning. I am growing. I feel good about that.


Suzelle said…
I am proud of you Mo :)
Lindsay Teague said…
you're amazing mo! Good for you! I'm sorry someone sent you a bad message. you don't need that!

EC said…
i'm proud of you!
you handled it perfectly in my opinion. i think Dr. Dyer would approve. =)
love you!
kimca01 said…
That's great, girl. I would have told them to go to hell. LMAO
Shame on anyone for sending you nasty messages! You rock Mo!
Anonymous said…
Mo, how unnecessary for someone to say hurtful things to you. You totally are one of the nicest people I've never met.
BTW, I LOVE the quote.
Kristi Mangan said…
good for you Mo! I need to learn that lesson!!! That's a GREAT quote!!!
Christina said…
Who in the friggen hell send you a bs message? oooooh im p'od!

Glad you were able to contain yourslef and your a bigger person that I could be, cuz I seriously would have torn them a new one.

Gezz. Some people.
Glad to hear you handled yourself well!

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