Almost Summer

Yay! Memorial Day weekend is here. The *unofficial* start to summer. There are so many reasons why I love summer...

-warm weather
-no school
-getting up whenever
-flip flops
-the beach
-fresh fruit

I could go on and on. Summer truly is my favorite season. But, the number 1 reason I LOVE summer is because of the clothes...

-summer dresses
-long flowing skirts
-pretty tanks

And, this season's hottest trend....tunics!! Oh my, I just got my Real Simple magazine and there is a whole article on tunics!!! SO many CUTE and affordable ones too!!! Some places to check them out:

Hope you all have a Fabulous Memorial Day weekend!!!!!


Adrienne said…
LOVE summer!!!!
Suzelle said…
Cheers Mo :)))))
Reen said…
I'm a summer lover too! I love cheap shades, half ice tea/half lemonade drinks.....mmmm!!! and swimming everyday! Have a great holiday weekend Mo.
Hope your long-weekend was a good one!
Kristi Mangan said…
Yay for summer! I love summer too Mo!!!! Hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend!!! :)

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