The Fray

It has been a *really* loooooong time since I've been excited about a band. Music has become so predictable and ordinary. Sure, I've bought new releases from old favorites but I've saved a ton of money on cd's lately. There was just nothing out there for me. Nothing.

Until, The Fray. I've been hearing this song, Over My Head, for a few weeks now but never knew who sang the dang song. Don't ya just hate when the radio station doesn't tell you who the artist is after they play the song?! Well, I do. But, I digress. Today, I found out that it is the Fray!

So, I did what every other good little internet junkie does, I googled them. They have a cute little website and you can listen to two tracks from their cd. Check them out here:

I am in LOVE!!!!!! And they are playing Webster Hall!!!! It's sold out but I ain't letting that stop me. I've gotten into many a sold out show in my lifetime. :)

I needed to share them. They are too freakin' good not to pass along. :)

Oh, and Linds, how's the cooter feeling? ;)

See ya!


Suzelle said…
FUN Mo :)))))

I read about the cooter incident too...LMBO funny !!!!!
Melodee said…
Ramona! They sound great! I am listening to them right now!

Thanks for the link!!
Christina said…
cool diggin it...and im diggin the all american rejects right now to...check em out!

lmao about L's cooter. bwwwahhaahah!

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