My Personal Style

Tuesday, Andrea over at hosted a link up regarding your personal style. Some people went all out and included the styles around their home. I didn't even think of that. I immediately thought of my personal style as it pertains to the clothes and accessories I wear. I will have to save the house style idea for another day. It's a good one!

I most definitely have a style. I like flowy tops. I like embroidered anything. I like dresses in the summer. And I love a good statement necklace. If I had to pick a favorite clothing company or store, it's a toss up between Free People and Anthropologie. Now, I don't always shop there because let's be real the prices aren't the best. And, since I am on a preschool teacher's salary ... well, you get the idea. ;) So, more often than not, I find most of my tops, dresses and costume jewelry in store like Forever 21 or Old Navy. :)

Here are some of my favorite new tops from Anthro (black) and Free People (stripes) which were all bought on super duper sale. I love the gauze bottoms! They are a fun little surprise.

This necklace is from Forever 21. It was under $10.00!

This necklace is by my absolute favorite jewelry designer ... Amrita Singh. More on her later. ;) I picked this baby up at TJ Maxx.

Here are some of my favorite embroidered tops and dresses. They are all from Forever 21!!!

And these next two are from a fun little online shop called shop cissie. They are two sisters from Arizona who carry the cutest trendy stuff. I wear these two out all summer long. LOL!

Ok. So, enough about the clothes I wear. Let's talk accessories I am a sucker for a statement necklace. Most days I don't wear any other accessory but a fun necklace. It's by far my favorite accessory. As I mentioned before, Amrita Singh is my favorite designer. She has a website but I get most of my pieces from TJ Maxx. They are affordable and that way I can buy more. ;)

Here are just a few of my favorite Amrita Singh pieces...

And there you have my personal style in a nutshell. Boho embroidered chic with a bold statement necklace. :)


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