Weekend Recap - Dylan's Birthday Edition

So, 17 years ago at 4:01 am I gave birth to this amazing boy. He's sweet and funny and kind and smart. He's pretty much perfect except that he is a Mets fan. Ha!!

This weekend it was all about Dylan and baseball.

Here he is in front of the Homerun Apple outside the stadium.

First up was Marlins vs Mets at Citifield. It was the perfect day for a ball game. The sun was shining and the temps were I the low 80's with no humidity at all.

Even though he is a Mets fan, his favorite player just happens to be a Marlin...Giancarlo Stanton. It was something like fate that they would be playing in NY on his birthday. SInce Giancarlo plays right field, we had to sit in right field. ;)

The last time we saw him play was in Marlins Park last August and he went 0-4 But not today. He hit two homeruns!!!

We enjoyed some ballpark food. I always eat a soft pretzel. The boy loves to try the fancy hot dog creations at the game. This time he had a BLT dog. YUM!

After the game, we hit up the team store for his birthday present. He chose a Strawberry jersey.

On the way back to the car, we stumbled upon this cool sign. It was the actual spot of first base in the old Shea Stadium. I made them take this pic. You should have heard the moaning and groaning. LOL!

After every Mets home game, we stop by The Lemon Ice King of Corona. It always reminds me of the opening of the King Of Queens when Doug drops his ice and turns right back around to get a new one. Ha! But I digress. I had lime, Stew had peanut butter and the boy had orange vanilla. He said it tasted like a creamscicle. If you ever find yourself in Queens in the summer, make sure you stop by. It's so good.

For the birthday dinner, we had all you can eat sushi at Mizumi. Oh My Word! It was amazing!!! Here is a sampling of just a small portion of what we ate. ;)

We got home too late for cake. So, we decided to save it for Sunday.

Sunday means baseball for us. Dylan had a game at 10 and he had to be at the field 9:30 sharp. It took a lot to get motivated after an exhausting day but he's glad he did. He went 2 for 3 with 5 RBI's and a stolen base. WooHoo!

We pretty much just relaxed the rest of the day. Played catch up with chores. And then we sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed the Dr. Pepper cake that I made. I cheated and used an easy version I found on Food.com instead of the one from scratch. I plan on making the original one for the family BBQ in two weeks. But this was totally servicable.

And that, my friends, wraps up Dylan's birthday weekend! :)


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