My Favorite Summer Shoes

I am your typical girl. I love shoes ... wedges, ballet flats, sandals ... you name it, I love it. And, I probably own more than one pair of each type. However, when it comes to my favorite summer shoe, the flip flop reigns supreme. I own a pair in practically every color. I have dollar ones from Old Navy and I have pricier Havaianas. I even have wedge flip flops.

Below you will find a sampling of just what I'm talking about.

Since we spend most of our summer at the pool or beach, flip flops really are the way to go. They are easy, cute and comfortable.

If I had to choose a second favorite, it would be the gladiator sandal. I love my gold Sam and Libby gladiators that I got at Target. I get so many compliments when I wear them.

And there you have it ... my favorite summer shoe. :)


Lauren McGreevy said…
I wish I had favorite summer shoes! #workproblems *sigh* :)

Ramona said…
Ha! Lauren, that's the good thing about being a teacher...summers off!! Thanks for stopping by!

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