Such a Wonderful Weekend

It was a great weekend. It had a little bit of everything...good food, a little bit of shopping and magnificent weather.

On Saturday, we took a ride to the mall. The weather was threatening and the husband needed a new suit for work. My daughter never to miss an opportunity to shop joined us but the boy had a party so he stayed back.

I went with an agenda. I wanted camo shorts. I hit Banana Republic first but struck out. They only had one style and it was made of pretty thick material so I passed even though they were on sale for $16.99!

So, then we went to Gap and I found thee perfect pair! They were light and comfortable and on sale! Plus, I had an extra 15% off for answering an online survey. So, they ended up being just $14.00!

I also picked up my favorite shorts from J Crew. I have them in a few different colors and picked up the hot pink pair to add to my collection. I love the 5 inch seam. I'm not into the short shorts. LOL

I also got this necklace from J Crew. I may never take it off. I wore it Sunday and I am wearing it today too. It's art deco and blue and I love it!!!!

Speaking of Sunday, we made our first trip of the season to Down The Hatch. It's a great local seafood restaurant on a lake. It's also crowded and fun. The weather was incredible...84 and sunny!

I got a mani/pedi with the girl. I got Fancy Delancey from Essie.

As Sunday came to an end, I relaxed on the deck with two new mags...Cooking with Paula and Southern Living. It was pretty perfect.

I can't wait to make Key Lime Pie!!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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