Mother's Day Weekend Recap

I could not have asked for a nicer weekend. It was sunny and warm. Our days were filled but not over scheduled. It was perfect.

Saturday started off with an early morning hair appointment for my girl. She had the second step in her balayage hair treatment. This is after the first step...

With the second step, it went a bit lighter. More like her natural color. No more black hair for her! LOL

Then we had lunch at our favorite Chinese buffet. Picked up a birthday present and dropped the boy off at his friend's party. I stayed home and caught up on laundry while Stew and Natalie ran errands. I hate grocery shopping with a passion. I was just glad not to have to go so laundry seemed like the lesser of two evils. ;)

I wore my cute gladiator sandals from Target for an Instagram style challenge. :)

After laundry was under control, I tried painting my own nails with an at home gel. All I can say is that the girls that do my nails deserve every penny they get. I stink at it. But I like the color. Ha!

On Mother's Day, we stayed local. I got to wear my Shop Cissie Spanglish dress for the first time. I love it!!! I can already tell, its going to be in heavy rotation this summer.

We had brunch at Ihop!! I had the 2x2x2. YUM!!! Dylan had blueberry pancakes, Stew had a huge omelet and Natalie had strawberry and banana pancakes. YUM-O!

There was a long wait. So while we waited, we did what every other normal family does ... we took photos outside the restaurant. LOL!!!

After brunch, we hit up the mall so the boys could get haircuts. While they got trimmed, the girl and I shopped. I picked up this cute little number in Forever 21. :)

Then we did our usual Sunday things ... fro yo and a nature walk with Tilly.

And to cap off a terrific weekend I stayed up way too late finishing this book..I loved it. It totally lived up to its hype. I highly recommend it if you like suspense novels. I love that I didn't figure it out until the author was ready to reveal it. It was the perfect end to the weekend!


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