Valentine's Day Sofa Table

For every holiday, I change out the decor on my sofa table. I change the runner and candy and mix in some homemade crafts. This is what I did for Valentine's Day. The table runner is from HomeGoods. It was $12.99. A little more than I had wanted to spend but it was the only one I liked. The little heart candles were from Target. They were a gift from a student of mine a few years back. :) The candy dishes were all wedding favors. :O And the love frame (which still needs a photo) is from Kohl's. It was a gift from my friend Irene. :) The cards and frame are the homemade part. TFL! :)


Karen said…
Gorgeous, festive and Valentiney!!! I love the framed heart art, Mo. :)
Val said…
Mo, What a very sweet table!! Can I have a chocolate???
Reen said…
I love your Valentine's Day table! Very adorable! Sorry you have had so many snow days, but it sure likes you've had the chance to do some great homemaking crafts, baking and hooray for that! Sending you hugs, and lots of sunshine!

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