Wednesday, February 02, 2011

3 Simple Organizing Tips

We take a little break from the Valentine's Day crafting and baking to bring you 3 simple organzing tips from Marcia Ramsland.

If you are like me, you are always looking for ways to stay oraganized and on top of things. So, when I came across these easy tips from Marcia Ramsland, I'd thought I'd share them with you.

They are practical and easy to follow but will make a big impact on our efforts to stay organized.

Hope they help!

3 Ways to Get Organized and Stay that Way!

1. Practice the “Two Minute Pickup” All Day. This means before leaving in the morning clean up the kitchen for 2 minutes, before lunch spend 2 minutes clearing out emails, before dinner spend 2 minutes organizing desk papers into a To Do list. You’ll always come back to “order.”

2. Set Up a Weekly Schedule. A simple 3 x 5 card posted near your computer will remind you: Monday-send staff email, Tuesday clean out one file, Wednesday send your Blog post, etc. Or at home post it in the kitchen: Monday wash clothes, Tuesday get groceries, Wednesday vacuum, etc. If you want to improve any aspect of your life, set up a weekly schedule. Test and adjust it until it works.

3. Use an Email or Phone Reminder to Create a New Habit. If you want to be on time for work and your drive is 20 minutes, set a reminder to ring 30 minutes before arrival. That gives you a 10 minute cushion to leave. If you want to remember to exercise more, set a reminder 45 minutes before you need to be at the gym.

Why does a Two-Minute Pickup, Weekly Schedule and email/phone Reminder work?

Because they create regular habits to accomplish things you need to do daily. These aren’t “To Do” list items. They are routine habits that will build a successful day!


Leslie said...

LOVE those tips, it really is such a simple thing but I don't know why I don't keep it up! DUH on my part, I am going to try these though, thanks Mo!

Karen said...

Love the two minute idea. Thanks for the tips! I'm constantly looking for ways to stay organized.