Spring Sports

Spring has arrived and that means sports in my house. Dylan loves spring baseball and this year he is in the major leagues. He has a few kids he knows on his team which is always nice. And, he is on the Dodgers. We are happy about that. :)

He plays on Saturdays at all different times and after a couple of weeks will also play one game during the week. They always play at the Dugout Field.

And, in his first game he caught the game ending catch in right field. He was so excited!!! So was I. :)

Natalie decided to play spring soccer this year after having not played in a couple of years. We tried softball in between and she was completely bored with it. So, I was excited when she said she wanted to try soccer again. She is on an all girls team made up of 3rd and 4th graders and they are called Manchester United. They play every Saturday at the town park at 11:30 am.

And here is my little goalkeeper minding the net. She loves this position and is pretty good at it too. I am so happy that she is enjoying herself this spring. :)


Susan said…
I cant beleive how big the kids look in these pictures, especially Nattie. They are growing too fast Mo!!
Anonymous said…
You seriously have the most gorgeous kids. Their eyes pop out of every photo! maegan
Karen said…
Mo, your kids are gorgeous!!! Dylan is such a little cutie in his uniform...and i need to show Kayleigh that photo of Nattie. She wants to start playing soccer again in the fall. Yay!
Sue Thomas said…
They look like they're loving it, Ramona!!!!
April said…
Your kids always look so healthy and beautiful! must be all the yummy recipes you prepare. they are just so darned sweet!

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