Spring Cleaning Tips

"10 Steps to Spring Clean Your Home! "
by Marcia Ramsland, "The Organizing Pro"

“Spring Cleaning” conjures up a mental picture of a warm, sunny day spent airing out bedrooms, washing windows, and thoroughly vacuuming carpets. It signals the passing of winter gray outside and the freshness of a spring transformation inside your heart and home.
Follow these steps and you will have that freshly cleaned look that spring cleaning implies.

1. Vacuum the whole house and let some fresh breezes air it out. The whole house will begin to take shape and look fresher. Dust before you vacuum to make sure a room is really clean. (1-2 hrs.)

2. Clean your closet by putting away winter clothes and bringing out spring attire. Wash, iron, and mend clothing before it gets put away. Giveaway clothes you didn't wear and don't like. (2-4 hrs.)

3. Wash your bedding and change your blankets for spring weather. (l.25 hr per wash load of bedding)

4. Put away winter coats, boots, and mittens, cleaning as you go through the front and back closets to your house. (30 minutes)

5. Wash the windows to clear out winter gray that blocks your view. (Average 10 minutes per window).

6. Recycle newspapers, catalogs and newspapers that may have accumulated over the winter.(20 minutes)

7. Sweep out the garage and wash the cars. (1-3 hours). Vacuum, wax, and change the oil in your car to get ready for spring and summer trips.

8. Clean up your desktop for a fresh start at work, too. (2-4 hours). No need to live with left over paperwork from the winter. Get it done, filed, and cleared up to get outside with the longer sunny days approaching.

9. Shop for something new to wear for spring. (1-3 hours) When you feel better about how you look, people notice and treat you better!

10. Clean out the refrigerator and have your first cookout of the season. A social event outdoors like a barbeque or picnic marks the official beginning of spring in your life. (2 hours)


Reen said…
Hey, I'm doing ok according to your list! I just need to wash windows and shop for something springy to wear. That I can handle, especially with rain in the forecast and window washing put on hold for today :) Thanks for the list.

Jill said…
I like that list...it doesn't include things like cleaning grout or scrubbing the screens when washing the windows. I've been slacking on my spring cleaning so I think I'll print off your list and work on those projects. Number 9 is my favorite. I think I'll start there :) I do love a clean house...maybe this will inspire me!
Jennifer said…
I really should have done some of this today..... why didn't I read it sooner? :)

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