Happy New Year!!!

Well, folks, the new year is almost here and it's resolution time. I've got quite a few and I plan on sticking to 'em. I thought that maybe if I typed them up here one of you would hold me accountable. Anyone up to the challenge? Hehehe!

1. Go to the gym!
2. Eat less cookies!
3. Take care of my health!
4. Make more time for scrapbooking!
5. Meet with the girls more often!
6. Finish my knitting projects!
7. Complete my 9 on 9 album!
8. Think more positively!

I think that's enough for this year.

And to start off the new year right here are 2 new layouts using mostly American Crafts product. :) TFL!


Anonymous said…
Eat less cookies?! Is that legal?!

Good luck with your resolutions Mo, and best wishes for a wonderful 2009!
Yankee said…
A Happy New Year to you and your family.
I hope #5 refers to the CT crop group!
Reen said…
Wishing you a great 2009!! I love your layouts!
Resolutions... Good luck.
Melodee said…
Happy New year Mo!!!
Anonymous said…
Well you know I love that first layout. :) And I would love to help you stick to #5. These are great resolutions. I'm sure you will be successsful in sticking to them.
Leslie Herbert said…
Loving your layouts Mo and loving your resolutions, my list is forever long and I need to minimize it! wish me luck! Hugs!
Denise Gormish said…
Yeah!!! It's Mo layouts!!! :-)

I could ditto those resolutions.
Jennifer said…
That's a great list... I am sure you can do it!!!! And your layouts are great. I always love seeing your cute kids and pages.
Jill said…
Sounds like a great list of resolutions. We really need to meet up and eat cookies sometime this year! AZ was how many years ago????? Love your layouts too. You and Karen could not be much cuter. I hope that scrapping those FL pics allows some sunshine to warm up these cold winter days!

I love seeing your work. Glad to hear you'll be doing more of it!
Smilingsal said…
Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Day.
Susan said…
Im not sure I can help you with eating less cookies. They are my downfall too.
But Im so happy your doing the 9/on the 9th and I'll hold you to that one :)
lovin' your new layouts too!!!
Its been so long since I've done one, your my hero
Maegan said…
We need our own Finally! Page!!

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