Chopping Down Our Tree

Every year since Natalie was a baby we've gone with our friends The Nemeceks to chop down our Christmas Tree. We usually go to a place up in Rhinebeck, NY called Battenfelds. But last year our friends could not make it and we found this new place much closer and we actually liked it much better. And, Five Guys is on the way there so it's really a no brainer when you think about it. ;)

We had a fabulous time that day and I love that we are creating fun family memories. Ones that I hope the kiddos will remember forever. :)

Our Family Photo. :)

A couple of pix of the kiddos....Dylan, Natalie, Emily and Charlotte. :)

Some fun shots of the stuff around us. :)

Nat P. with the sun setting behind her. I just did catch it. :)

Stew with saw in hand ready to chop down our Chritsmas Tree. :)

A view of the farm as we were walking back to our cars.


LesleMora said…
Yall are such an adorable family. Looks like a great time, love the photos!
Suzelle said…
What a cool place !! Love your family shot Mo :)
Jill said…
What a great family tradition! Love the series of pictures... especially the family shot and the pic of all the saws!
Tracy said…
love the photo of all the hack saws!
Karen said…
How cool that you get to chop down your own tree? That's something we can't do in Florida. :( But we do have Five Guys. :) Great photos!!!
Jennifer said…
How fun is that? Maybe New York is home of the Christmas tree? LOL.

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