Simplify Your Space

I've been organizing and de-cluttering and whatnot for the past few months. After about the first month, I have come to realize that I just have too much stuff! You know...oh, it is on sale, I cannot pass it up things, or sure I can use that things, or oh, thank you, I love it things. Well, I've had it enough is enough. I have a big house and we cannot even use the dining room. Thank goodness we have an eat-in kitchen.

My dining room has become the catch-all room. The room where I store all the presents, all the cool finds and cheap buys. I'm just tired of it. I've been purging slowly as I work part-time and cannot devote hours on end to this project. So, what ends up happening is that I have to stop and I lose momentum and don't get back to it for days even weeks.

But, no more. Today at the library I came across this great book called Simplify Your Space by Marcia Ramsland. She has the neat approach called C.A.L.M.

Create a plan
Approach it by sections
Lighten up and let go
Manage it simply

She goes room by room and starts with the room that is most visible...the kitchen, the family room, etc. Each room has it's own chapter so if you want to tackle a particular space then just turn to that chapter. I've already fast-forwarded to the chapter on dining rooms. ;)

And, I am happy to report that I have already been letting go. I've recently given away things I have two of or simply cannot use. I donated 3 bags to Goodwill and know I can give at least 3 more. The crazy thing is that if you walked into my house you would not say..."Oh, this house is so cluttered!" I guess I'm good at faking it. LOL!!!!

She also has books about simplifying your life and simplifying your time. I think I need to reserve those asap. :)


Reen said…
I have had the same problem with "losing momentum"! I got the boys rooms done, then stopped :( I'm finding it so hard to find big chunks of time to get things organized.

I'm not a clutter person, so I don't have a lot of bric brac stuff, I just have a hard time getting things that I do have...put away! So I just need to keep on top of the organizing part. I'm finding that I really need to set aside time each week to keep up on it, once it does get organized.

Thanks for the book suggestion, I love that! I'll go to the library website and see if I can find that one.

Happy simplifying Mo! You're such an inspriation to me!
Susan said…
Im going to keep an eye open for that book Mo. I need help.
I dont have a lot of time to devote to clearing and letting go of stuff but I need to make time...ignoring it doesnt make it go away.
Thanks for the recommendation
Jill said…
I should probably check that book out myself. I'm not much of a pack rat but I do keep a lot of "just in case" or "because it was a gift" items. I'm in the process of decluttering the detatched garage right now. Everyone needs an extra 1200 square foot building with a huge attic for such items...LOL!

I heard an interesting tip on a going through clothes. I have a hard time with clothes. You have to classify each item as "I love it" or "I hate it" - makes sense to me and I'm gonna try it!

Good luck with your organizing!
Jennifer said…
Looks like an awesome book. It is so hard to let go of things, isn't it? I'm not a packrat but I know I have stuff that I keep for no reason other than I might need it one day. Good luck!
Cassandra said…
How is it that I've never checked your blog??? I followed your "clutter" link here and VOILA!-- lots of beautiful pages and craft ideas! So now I know :-)
beverly said…
I worked 4 hours yesterday on one area. Boxes all neatly packed, closed, and by the door ready to go to Goodwill. 4 big bags of trash ready to go to the curbside. What's so sad is that you cannot tell it. Issues???? Me??????? LOL

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