My name is Ramona
and I am a shoe addict.

Since when did Carlos Santana
start making shoes!?

Aren't these FABULOUS!?
They are so mine.

and free shipping.

What a bargain! :D


Shere said…
I love those! Total shoe envy, you are a lucky girl.
Reen said…
These would capture just a little bit too much attention in Fresno! I think they are totally perfect for Miami though! Very cute!
Jill said…
They are cute. And totally YOU! How can you not smile when wearing those shoes???
Susan said…
now those are fun...and definately made for Miami!
Denise Gormish said…
Perfect hiking shoes! ;-)
Jennifer said…
I want to see a picture of you wearing them. Who knew Sanatana has such great style? LOL.

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