Horseback Riding

Today Natty had her first horseback riding lesson. She was so excited. From the minute she woke up this is what I had to endure...Hhow much longer til my lessons? How much longer til 3 o' clock? When do we leave? LOL!

She really has never ridden on a horse before. She's been on pony rides but that's about it. So, we took an introductory lesson to see if she liked it or not. Well, of course she took to it immediately. She got on and off no problem. She posted no problem. She was even trotting by the end of the lesson.

Her horse was named Willow and her trainer named Sunshine. How sweet is that!?

I manned the still camera while Dylan did the videotaping after he took a couple of shots with her camera. It was like she had her very own paparazzi. LOL!!!

So, I plunked down the money and got her a lesson package. Next come the boots, helmet and riding pants. I cannot wait for all the photo opps. :D


JENNY B said…
sooooooo cute!!!! get ready to be poor paying for the horses =)
Suzelle said…
CUTE, CUTE, CUTE !!!!!!!!
Susan said…
so cute!!!!
Reen said…
Well worth every penny! She will love those lessons and all the fun that come with it! Awesome Mo, she'll remember this stage in her life forever.
LesleMora said…
LOL She is so beautiful, I can totally see her on horseback in the full outfit, those pages are gonna rock!
Jennifer said…
Oh, I love little girls in all of that riding gear. I bet she will look darling (and the fashion is half the fun). So glad she is having fun. Great pictures!!!

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