Forgive Everyone

Forgive Everyone
Revenge, anger, and hatred are exceedingly low energies that keep you from matching up with the attributes of the universal force. A simple thought of forgiveness toward anyone who might have angered you in the past will raise you to the level of Spirit and aid you in your individual intentions.

Once again, Dr. Dyer is right on. In the past, I would hold grudges for what seemed like eternity. What is the purpose of holding onto anger? It just made me an unhappy person.

I had a good friend who did me way to get around it. She knew it. I knew it. Everyone knew it. I think she thought I would blow it off. But, I was so hurt by her actions that I wrote her & our friendship off. I didn't speak to her for so long. Then as time passed and my hurt subsided, I started to miss her and our friendship.

I honestly cannot recall who reached out to whom first but I forgave her and we became friends again. She has since moved away but we still keep in touch via e mail, etc.

I was recently forgiven by someone and am I ever grateful that she let go of her anger and decided I was worth having as a freind again. It means so much to me. :)

So, what I'm trying to say here is if there is someone you need to forgive, then go ahead and extend that proverbial olive branch. You just might make someone's day, year or even life!



Reen said…
Forgiving someone does bring a sense of peace back to your soul. It's a good thing to do, at least once in your lifetime.

I pretty much gave an entire olive tree to my ex-dh. He didn't even deserve a branch, but I gained so much peace and love from God in return that I'd do it again. I guess I found we all serve a purpose in each other's lives and we can't learn what that purpose is, unless we are willing to forgive one another.

I hope you learned what your friendships purpose was/is about. I know I did. Although I don't ever see or speak to him. I'm at peace for having forgiven for those days we tore our love apart.

God Bless you Mo, you're a better person for having forgiveness in your heart. It's the way God wants us to be.

Love you,
Karen said…
Oh Mo, I totally agree. Although I am one to hold a grude, I easily forgive if I feel like the other person truly is sorry. Thanks for the words of wisdom. :) Glad you've mended fences.
Susan said…
so very appropriate in light of my brothers bickering back and forth these past few days. Im going to keep this post in mind as I try and get through it all...
Jennifer said…
They really are words to live by, aren't they? It is hard to find good friends and we should do everything we can to keep them. Hugs. :)
I couldn't agree more, Mo. *HUGS* I'm glad we're friends. :)

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