First Day of School

I have very mixed emotions about the first day of school. I truly miss my kiddos and hate that they are gone all day long. I enjoy having them around to do things like go to the library or the park. Yet, when they are not with me errands get done so much faster and with alot less whining. LOL! But, short of home schooling there's really nothing I can do about it. I just have to suck it up. Here's the ubiquitous first day of school photos of my kiddos and our very good friends and neighbors Caroline with Natty and Kelsey with Dyl. :)


Suzelle said…
Cute pics Mo :) Love Dylan's shirt !! Looks like a beautiful sunny day !!
Reen said…
Happy First Day Mo! Enjoy these few days you have to yourself, before you head back to work.

Susan said…
adorable pics Mo. Hope you enjoyed a litte peace and quiet
JENNY B said…
love their pics mo! sooo cute!!!
love the pics - they are growing up! Very cool school shirts, too :)
Jennifer said…
They are darling! I'm sure you'll adjust to them being gone soon. I have a few extra kids I could send you way if you get too lonely. :)

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