Swimming & Smores

This past weekend we had plans with the Wallachs. We were going to go camping in their backyard and make a day trip to an amusement park. Two other families were supposed to join us. But, then tragedy struck one of the families. So, instead of scrapping the whole thing we spent a quiet weekend at the Wallachs who just happen to be fabulous hosts. We swam, bbqed and made smores. Being shark bait, I got to take all the pictures. Enjoy!

I have him trained really well.....look at this shot!?

Just lounging around....ahhhhhhh

I absolutely love this shot of Jess and Dylan....oh to be a kid again and jump in the pool with reckless abandon....;)

Would you look at these two crazy girls!? The smoke from the fire was getting in their eyes. So, they came up with this brilliant solution....wearing goggles as they roasted their marshmallows. LOL!!!

And one last group smores shot....


Suzelle said…
GREAT pics !!!! The goggles....hilarious, but what a GREAT idea ;)
Jennifer said…
Looks like such a fun time! Our kids don't know how good they have it, do they? :)
Jill said…
What a great series of pictures!!! The girls wearing the goggles cracked me up. What a couple of smart cookies!!! Love the action shot of the boys jumping in the water too. Looks like a perfect summer day to me!

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