More Sunshine Please!

It's been so cold and dark here these last few days, I need some sunshine. So, I was going thru some more Florida photos and thought I'd share a few with you...

I took this fun quiz at to see what they say would be my ideal spot to live. Their top choices were, San Diego, Ca, West Palm Beach, Fl, Las Vegas, NV, Tampa, Fl. and Houton TX. Hmmmm, pretty interesting and right on target except for Vegas. Having been to Arizona, I realize I am not a desert person. I need to be near water and see some green. :)

Ok. I better go back to work. I finally finished sending out Natalie's thank you cards for her birthday almost 2 months ago. :O Better late than never, right?

I also started reorganizing my dining room. It's the catch all room in the know the one where you put presents, etc. Well, I'm sick of looking at it all disorganized. I'm on a mission to pare down my stash. I really like serving dishes and bowls and have amassed quite the collection. I need to either find a home for them or they are getting tossed. Watch out. I'm in a throwing out mood. LOL!

If I can get anything accomplished, I'll take pix.



scrappermimi said…
Great pictures!

Made me miss summer and it is not even over yet!
Reen said…
sweet summer pictures Mo! Hey, I'll take Cali anyday. Still in the 100's here, but I'm not going to complain....sending you sunshine!

Leslie Herbert said…
I can send you some of my heat Mo! Maybe you need to come out to AZ again? we missed seeing each other last time you were here.
Love the pics of the kiddos!
Susan said…
ahhhhh...look at that blue water.
Im a soul sister with you on that front for sure. If there's a heaven for me, it has a beach!

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