Thursday, August 30, 2007


Oh how I love baskets.
Especially ones with lids.
They hide books and toys oh so well.

These are in the family room.
Tucked neatly behind the couch.
They hold books, Barbies, arts & crafts and games.

I am in love. ;)


Sue Thomas said...

Oh how perfect, Ramona!!!!!!! Love your floors too!!!!!

Jennifer Sizemore said...

I love baskets, too - and these look great!

Susan said...

oh those were worth waiting for!!!!!
Gosh your really doing a great job with this orginzation stuff. Im with Sue, I love your floors too

Linda Albrecht said...

Oh, I love a way to organize and hide stuff. Love your baskets! Linda

Suzelle said...

This ROCKS :)

Jill said...


Jennifer said...

Is it wrong to be envious? The best part of organizing is buying all of the stuff to organize with, isn't it? :) Bet it looks great!