Online Friends Part Deux

Fellow Blue Crew member.
Sweet as can be.
Funny as all get out!
Needed a hand today.

I lent it in the form of this layout.

I *heart* you Trishie! :)

What can I say about Jenny?
She's one of those friends that you just know you would hit it off with the very second you met IRL.
She is funny.
She is beautiful.
She is talented.
She is very thoughtful.

Today I received a little present from her...a KI Memories summer paper pack.

Smooches to you, my friend. We *will* meet IRL one day...soon! :D


Suzelle said…
That layout......OH MY GOSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That Jenny....what a gal :)
Jennifer said…
What a fun gift. And how cute is that layout? My favorite color combo with those darling pictures! Love it!
JENNY B said…
ahhh Mo--- you're such a sweetie =)
put on your cowboy boot and get your Stetson ready and head to Texas--- we'd have a great time!! haha!
I cannot wait to see what you do with that paper pack. Thanks for the sweet card-- I *heart* it!

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