Hopkins Vineyard

Long time no blog...I know...I know. But, I've had good reason. This weekend we had a guest...non other than the fabulous Frank Mclaughlin. I spent the week before he got here getting ready for him. I had to make sure that the guest bed and bath were all spiffy. :)

Then it was a whirlwind weekend since he arrived. We ate, we drank, we walked and talked and had a great time. He's the last of the single friends and he comes to visit every couple of months to get his burb and kiddo fix and then merrily goes back to his bachelor life in the city that never sleeps. :)

The kiddos absolutely adore him. They call him Uncle Frank and he loves it. He dotes on them and lets them give him haircuts. Ahem, if you hadn't noticed, Frank shaves his head. LOL!!!!!

Anyhoo, on Saturday it was a glorious day so we took Frank to a wine tasting at Hopkins Vineyard in New Preston, CT and here are some photos. Enjoy!

love this shot...

She's such a poser.....

Natty and "uncle" Frank

the boys happily toasting...


Jennifer said…
We missed you! So glad you had a nice visit and that you are back. LOL about the hair cut. Sounds like he is a good sport. :) GREAT photos, BTW.
Suzelle said…
cheers :)

GREAT pix Mo !!! Looks like my kind of fun :)
Jill said…
Uncle Frank looks fun!!!!!! Great pictures - I really thought the one of Natty and Dylan was super cute!!!!

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