I feel

1. Stuffy. Allergy season is kickin' in and I cannot breathe and the headaches are already starting.

2. Tired. I need one good day to just stay in bed and watch mindless tv. Vacation and Easter and unpacking and work, etc. really kicked my booty this week.

3. Excited. I got asked back for next year at work this week and got myself a raise too.

4. Needy. Need new shoes, a new fun bag, a mani and pedi and I desperately need a haircut!

5. Angry. I'm angry at myself for not going to the gym this morning when I absolutely had the time.

6. Nervous. I'm nervous about possibly moving. I want to move to where the living is a bit easier. I want to move where the weather is not so harsh. I want to live in the south. And, today I took some beginning steps to see if I can make that happen.

7. Organized. This morning I managed to get 4 presents for upcoming parties and things. I even got the gift bags and tissue paper. I love being on top of things.

8. Happy. Baseball season is underway. For the big leagers and my kiddos. Tomorrow Dylan has his first practice. I got him new socks and gloves and a cool new equipment bag. And, opening day for both of them is April 21st. Oh, and the Atlanta Barves are in 1st place. Mets in second. I know. I know. It's a bit early to celebrate but it still makes me very happy to see those NL East standings. :D

How do you feel?


JENNY B said…
MOVING???? come to Texas =) I need a friend and the weather was soooo wonderful today--- 80 and sunny!!!

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