Golden Girl

Anyone who knows me knows I *heart* the Golden Girls. I've been asking my family to buy me the DVD sets for years. It looks like I'm gonna have to buy them for myself. Just like anything else I really want. Gotta just get it for myself. Let that be a lesson to all you girls, don't wait for anybody. If you want something, make sure you can buy it for yourself. Ok. But I digress.

This is a post about all the new fun things about my favorite Golden Girls. Rue McClannahan aka Blanche has a new autobiography out called My First 5 Husbands and the Ones Who Got Away. The final season of the GOlden Girls has just come out on DVD. And, while in Orlando I got to take a picture with Betty White. Well, a Betty White statue....;)


Suz said…
If that is not the coolest thing Mo !!!! Darling picture ;)
HOw did I not know about this Golden Girl love? I love to watch them, too. I'll have to look for the book!
Anonymous said…
Love the picture . . . but I didn't know you had a thing for the Golden Girls! Don't buy it for yourself yet! Someone is bound to ante up. :)

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